The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

Government Service Awardees

Recognized for outstanding service in the public interest in any branch of government, including executive, judicial, legislative, or military.

Galstaun, Benjamin

Indonesia’s outstanding nature advocate, who as commissioner of Jakarta’s zoological center designed a sanctuary to help educate people about the value of the unique wildlife of the country

Hanafiah, Haji Ahmad

Malaysia’s devoted and creative leader, who addressed the need of poor pilgrims to Mecca for safety and orderliness, and in the process established a fund for supporting future pilgrimages

Hsu Shih-chu

Taiwan’s committed public health doctor, who created highly effective programs of health service, sanitation and family planning that enabled Taiwan to become progressive

Khan, Akhter Hameed

Pakistan’s committed rural development leader, who brought the farmers’ cooperative approach to rural development in disaster prone impoverished areas, encouraging farmers to organize into a federation initiating significant projects

Kuroki, Hiroshi

One of Japan’s most dedicated civil servants, who returned to his land of birth, one of the poorest of prefectures, to develop its potentials in agriculture and tourism thus realizing the socio-economic transformation of the prefecture