The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

Government Service Awardees

Recognized for outstanding service in the public interest in any branch of government, including executive, judicial, legislative, or military.

Ungphakorn, Puey

A respected civil servant who has maintained his moral independence and social responsibility while leading Thailands’ Public Finance and Higher Education sectors, contributing to the country’s steady economic development

Viphakone, Keo

A diplomat, nationalist and public servant who, even under the most adverse circumstances in the context of Laos, has led government institutions he has served as bastions of public trust that can bring progress to his people and foster back their faith in government as a means to serve them

Wu Ta-you

A Chinese atomic and nuclear theoretical physicist who worked in the United States, Canada, mainland China, and Taiwan. He has been called the "Father of Chinese Physics"

Xuan, Vo-Tong

His expertise in the management of problem soils in Vietnam, together with his knowledge on rice production and agricultural diversification in the Mekong Delta, greatly increased rice productivity and contributed to the emergence of Vietnam as the third-largest rice exporting country in the world

Yuan Longping

An esteemed and well-regarded “Father of Hybrid Rice” who pioneered scientific agricultural research, developing the genetic materials and technologies essential for breeding high-yielding hybrid rice varieties, that has helped transform China from food deficiency to food security within three decades