The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

Vientiane Rescue

A ragtag band of selfless youth volunteers who address the need for emergency services in the dangerous streets of Vientiane

Chanthavong, Kommaly

A soft-spoken Laotian whose love for silk weaving revived and developed the ancient Laotian art of silk weaving, and created livelihoods for thousands of poor, war-displaced Laotians

Chaturvedi, Sanjiv

A young, idealistic civil servant in the Indian Forest Service and later on the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, who did not turn away from the corruption infesting government but resolutely worked to correct them

Fernando-Amilbangsa, Ligaya

A cultural researcher, educator, artist and advocate of the indigenous arts of the southern Philippines, particularly the Sulu Archipelago, who turned her love for dance and the arts into a vocation

Gupta, Anshu

An innovative man who left his job in a well-known firm to devote himself to the task of finding ever better, more sustainable ways of organizing the effort to help those in need

Kyaw Thu

Myanmar’s preeminent movie actor and director, who has also established a wide network of free health, social, and educational programs for the poor

Hu, Shuli

China’s “most dangerous woman” who has changed her country’s media landscape through her balanced and strongly-researched journalistic style that does not stir up emotions, and keeps its eye on the issues rather than on personalities

Manurung, Saur Marlina

A young Indonesian anthropologist who decided to devote her life to protecting and uplifting the lives of Indonesia’s Orang Rimba, the local name for “forest people”