Relive the 58th Ramon Magsaysay Awards through choice highlights of some of the events during this year’s Ramon Magsaysay Awards Festival Week, and see the 2016 Ramon Magsaysay Awardees spread hope and inspiration through our curated gallery.

Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation President Carmencita T. Abella said the 58th Ramon Magsaysay Awards will be a milestone for aspiring leaders to create social good in the Asian region. “Clearly, they (the 2016 Ramon Magsaysay Awardees) are creating bold solutions to deeply rooted social problems in their respective societies, problems which are most damaging to the lives of those trapped in poverty, ignorance, prejudice, and unjust systems,” she said.

She added: “While the respective social causes and leadership solutions are uniquely their own, there is one thing this year’s Magsaysay laureates all share in common: a greatness of spirit that infuses their crusade of change.