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RESPONSE: 2000 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee ARUNA ROY

RelatedRoy, Aruna (Awardee) “The principles of democracy are universal. But for ordinary people, it is the practice of democracy that defines the principles. The socio-political circumstances of Asian countries like India, provide the opportunity to make democracy a vehicle of change, in which the collective wisdom of people is given the sanctity it deserves. ”2000 […]

May 17, 2017

RESPONSE: 2000 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee JESSE ROBREDO

RelatedRobredo, Jesse Manalastas (Awardee) “Indeed yielding power to the people is perhaps my greatest achievement as City Mayor. And the most important lesson that I have learned is that public servants should feel obliged to heed the people’s will always. Public servants are servant leaders. Their mission is ‘to serve and not to be served’.”2000 […]

May 17, 2017

Centennial Celebration of Ramon Magsaysay Awardee NICK JOAQUIN

The Cultural Center of the Philippines in partnership with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) pays tribute to NICK JOAQUIN, the National Artist for Literature (1976) and Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Journalism, Literature, and Creative Communication Arts (1996) on May 4, 2017 at the CCP for a centennial celebration of his life […]

May 8, 2017

RESPONSE: 2012 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee YANG SAING KOMA

“The Ramon Magsaysay Award is not only a recognition for our past achievements. It is also an important encouragement for me and my colleagues to reinforce and expand our assistance to small farmers. For the next ten years, we will focus on assisting subsistence rice farmers in Cambodia to become commercial organic farm entrepreneurs, producing […]

April 17, 2017

RESPONSE: 2012 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee SYEDA RIZWANA HASAN

“Nineteen years down the road, we may not claim to have righted all the wrongs, we are unable to paint a rosy picture, but we can boldly and strongly assert that hardly any environmental wrong or any attempt to interfere with people’s environmental rights in my motherland goes unattended or unchallenged.”RelatedHasan, Syeda Rizwana (Awardee) 2012 […]

April 17, 2017

RESPONSE: 2012 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee ROMULO DAVIDE

“I share this honor with all the men and women, including my wife Clara, who work so hard with me in our programs to uplift the living conditions of our farmers, especially those in the upland communities who are still poor and hungry. . May this be our ‘footprints in the sands of time’ and […]

April 17, 2017

RESPONSE: 2012 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee KULANDEI FRANCIS

“The road which I passed through was not one of roses; it was instead full of thorns. It was not easy for me to realize my objective. This honor acknowledges IVDP’s poverty alleviation programs and the sustainable solutions it found to the problems of people who faced drought that forced them to migrate in search […]

April 17, 2017

RESPONSE: 2012 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee CHEN SHU-JIU

“I suppose, though, that being willing to help can make a difference, no matter how little we can give. And everyone has got something to offer. What makes a difference is whether or not you actually put that into action.”RelatedChen Shu-jiu (Awardee) 2012 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee CHEN SHU-JIU accepts Asia’s Premier Prize and Highest Honor.

April 17, 2017


“For the people of Muara Tae and other Indigenous Peoples and forest peoples in Indonesia and Asia, this Award is a recognition and public statement that in fighting for their right to live and make decisions over their life, they are not alone.”RelatedRuwindrijarto, Ambrosius (Awardee) 2012 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee AMBROSIUS RUWINDRIJARTO accepts Asia’s Premier Prize […]

April 17, 2017

RESPONSE: 2009 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee YU XIAOGANG

“What I am doing is only ‘a drop in the bigger water’. I believe the effort will someday become as big as the Pacific Ocean. I highly appreciate that the Board of Trustees has given me this honor. I am very glad to accept it and will continue my efforts to contribute to human society.”RelatedYu […]

March 22, 2017