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Ethical Governance And Engaged Citizenship

Responding to citizens’ legitimate needs and demands through policies and systems that ensure full accountability to the people, encourage active and responsible citizenship, and deliver public service consistent with ethical and moral standards

List of Articles

HABIBA SARABI: Breaking Glass Ceilings

A single encounter can pivot the course of one’s life.  A single decision can be the spark that changes society.  A single person, a woman nonetheless, can challenge a patriarchal system and prove that, by eliminating barriers, women can transform the world.RelatedSarabi, Habiba (Awardee) A skin rash covered his arms, but when the little boy with ruddy cheeks, […]

VIDEO: Naga Rising

The late Jesse Robredo, 3-time mayor of Naga City and 2000 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee, is a much beloved icon of good governance. This short clip illustrates why he is revered in the Philippines and why he is dearly missed by a nation in search of modern heroes.RelatedRobredo, Jesse Manalastas (Awardee)