The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation


Social Justice And Peace-Building

Promoting equal and fair treatment of everyone, respecting their dignity and basic rights, and building solidarity as the foundation for genuine peace

List of Articles

TADATOSHI AIKBA: Hiroshima, From the Ashes, She Rose

2010 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Tadatoshi Akiba shed light on one of humanity’s darkest hours, launching several successful campaigns for peace and nuclear disarmament.   By revisiting Hiroshima’s painful history, he has achieved for the city what, at first, seemed impossible: healing. When the mushroom cloud blossomed in the sky over Hiroshima, “The eyes of young […]

ANTONIO MELOTO: Crusader for the Homeless

Focusing on restoring human dignity, 2006 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Tony Meloto waged war against poverty using brightly colored houses and blossoming gardens as ammunition. He has already won many battles, and with faith in God and in the goodness of people, he is ready to win the war.RelatedMeloto, Antonio (Awardee) If Antonio “Tony” B. Meloto […]